Our mission is to assist clients in managing their body weight, improving their long-term relationship with food, enhancing their health, and lifestyle."

Instead of providing temporary solutions, whether you want to lose weight, increase energy, or need expert guidance to achieve balance and vitality, we are here for you.

Start your journey towards better health and balance with our 21-day mindful eating program. Transforming your relationship with food makes it easier to maintain conscious and healthy eating. Transforming your relationship with food makes it easier to maintain a conscious and healthy diet.

Science and experience show us that what we consume through food has a significant impact on our overall health and that chronic diseases are linked to lifestyle.
We provide expert advice on how to eat healthily by eliminating unhealthy habits and adopting new healthy routines, enjoying every meal, every day.
Our offering includes individual consultations, educational programs, interactive workshops, and exclusive experiences. We want to teach you how to plan meals, recognize beneficial foods for your health, and develop a positive relationship with food.
Our sole goal? To help you feel your best.

Mayamayo Approach

Majamayo Approach, created by Maja Babić, brings innovative approaches to health and weight management. Educated at Mayo Clinic and Harvard, Maja focuses on personalization.
Nutrition should be a path to better health, not a challenge. Our purpose is to lead you towards a healthier lifestyle and long-term goals, helping you develop a positive relationship with food and achieve body and mind transformations.

Majamayo Center

Omladinskih brigada 86, West 65 kula, 19/3
Novi Beograd

Contact us

Email: office@majamayo.com
Phone: 063 37 47 57
Phone: 060 33 74 754

We have provided you with the first free 20-minute session

During this free session, you can discuss your current health issues and goals and receive guidance on your next steps related to nutrition. You’ll leave with a better understanding of how we can support you on your journey to better health.

Note: This is an introductory session and can be reserved only once

Mindful Eating Program – Conscious Eating for a Conscious Life

MajaMayo promotes mindful eating as the key to improving nutrition and managing emotional eating. Our daily routine often involves fast and unconscious food consumption, which can be emotion-driven

Meet our team

Our therapists, doctors, and collaborators are experienced professionals with years of expertise in prevention from various fields.

People are more willing to change when they are completely free not to change.

James Prochaska

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