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Improve Your Health: Our focus is your well-being and health. We will help you strengthen your body and mind by changing your approach to food.

Adjust your body weight: Achieving your desired weight is important for your long-term health. We offer support in achieving and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Eliminate unhealthy habits and replace them with healthy ones: Learn how to break bad habits and adopt new, healthy routines that will help you feel better and achieve optimal health.

Enjoy food and enhance meal satisfaction: Food should be a source of joy. food. Our approach helps you savor every bite and cultivate a positive relationship with food.

Increase energy levels: Proper nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can help you feel more energetic and productive.

Boost immunity: Your diet plays a crucial role in supporting your immune system. Learn how to nourish your body properly to stay healthy and resilient.

Meet our team

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Maja Babić

Maja Babić is the founder and CEO of the MajaMayo Center. With a rich background in food technology and marketing, Maja has emerged as an expert who understands how food impacts our health, how it is produced, and how it is promoted.

She earned a master’s degree in food technology from the Faculty of Technology, delving deep into the world of food, its properties, and production processes. Later in her career, she shifted towards marketing and communications, working with leading global brands and multinational companies.

“Let’s tailor plans to your needs, goals, and challenges to develop a positive relationship with yourself and food,” says Maja Babić.

The COVID-19 pandemic prompted Maja to recommit herself to her profession and passion for nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. She recognized the importance of health on all levels – physical, mental, and emotional. Nutrition, in her view, stands out as a crucial factor in addressing many health issues.


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Her transformational journey is not just personal but also professional. From an expert in food technology and marketing, Maja has evolved into a leader in the field of health and wellness.

She has also pursued additional education at the Mayo Clinic School of Medicine and Science as a Health & Wellness therapist, deepening her knowledge of the impact of nutrition on overall health. She was one of three individuals from Europe in a class of 43 at the Mayo Clinic.

Today, Maja is a prominent figure in promoting healthy lifestyles and wellness, dedicated to providing support to others on the path to better health. Her passion lies in helping people realize their full potential and enhance their lives through healthy eating habits and practices.

Amira Fazlagić

Employed at the University Gynecological Clinic ‘Narodni front’ from 1989 to 2009 as a specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

Since 2009 , the founder of the Specialist Gynecological-Obstetric Clinic ‘Medison plus’ in Zemun.

A member of the Medical Chamber of Serbia with license number 107226. 2009. In 2009, the European University in Belgrade, based on the recommendation of the Medical Academy US Medical School, appointed me as an associate professor for the subject of gynecology and obstetrics, where I worked as a lecturer until the academic .

Lecturer in doctoral studies for the subject of Personalized Medicine and Pharmacogenomics, Molecular Biology Program, Faculty of Biology, University of Belgrade, from the academic year 2014/2015 to 2019/2020.

Deputy Director of the Center for Bioethical Studies at the University of Belgrade .

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Deputy Director of the Center for Bioethical Studies at the University of Belgrade from 2015 to 2019. ICB The International Chair in Bioethics University Haifa, Israel
Počasni direktor Festivala zdravlja Beograd od 2012. .
Osnivač i predsednik Nacionalne asocijacije za unapređenje i razvoj regenerative medicine od 2010. godine
U periodu od 1995.-1999. godine sam bila sekretar Ginekološke sekcije pri SLD.
Sekretar Udruženja za primenu ultrazvuka u medicini, biologiji i veterini i sekretar Jugoslovenske škole za primenu ultrazvuka u medicini, biologiji i veterini 1994.-1997.godine. Profesor ginekologije i akušerstva na Akademiji strukovnih studija Beograd, Odsek Visoka zdravstvena škola od 2023. .


UNICEF project ‘Baby friendly, mother friendly’ in Serbia.
Participant in the project ‘Twin Pregnancy’ at the University of Toronto, Canada.
Scientific collaborator at the stem cell bank ‘Cryo-Save’ from 2008 to 2013.
Participant in the genome sequencing project of 50 Serbian citizens in the Golden Helix Foundation project.


Diabetes and Pregnancy, chapter Stem Cells in the Treatment of Diabetes, editor Miroslava Gojnić Dugalić, Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Novo doba, Belgrade, 2012:413-417 ISBN 978-86-7117-337-7 (Approved by the Council for Specialized Education of the Faculty of Medicine, number 17/40-40 2012, accepted as a textbook for postgraduate studies).
Stem Cells and Genetics in the Service of Humanity, chapter Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine, University of Belgrade, University Library Svetozar Marković, editors Antonić Sanja and Popović Aleksandra, 2013: ISBN 978-86-7301-060-1 (UBSM).
Manual Ten Steps to a Healthy Pregnancy 2013: ISBN 978-86-917281-0-6.


Speaker at the 5th World Congress on Regenerative Medicine and Stem Cells, December 2-4, 2012, Guangzhou, China.
Speaker at the 5th International Symposium Diabetes and Pregnancy, March 26-28, 2009, Sorrento, Italy.
Speaker at the First Symposium of the Mediterranean Society for Metabolic Syndrome, Diabetes and Hypertension in Pregnancy, October 2-3, 2013, Belgrade, Serbia.
Invited speaker at the Domestic Course of the first category Perinatal Aspects of Screening and Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease, May 30, 2011, Belgrade, Zemun, Serbia.
Invited speaker at the Course of the first category Safe Maternity – the Role of the Gynecological-Obstetric Nurse, December 10, 2011, KBC Dr Dragiša Mišović Dedinje, Belgrade.
Invited speaker at the Symposium Rational Laboratory and Interventional Diagnostics in Everyday Practice, March 31, 2012, Smederevo, Serbia.
Invited speaker at the Course Contraceptive and Therapeutic Needs in Different Life Stages of Women: The Role of Intrauterine Devices and Systems, September 27-28, 2012, Niš, Serbia.
Invited speaker in over 20 Continuing Medical Education (CME) programs from 2009 to 2022 (recorded in the Health Council of Serbia).

RESEARCH GATE RESULTS as of May 18, 2023:
Research Interest Score 200.7
Citations 425
h-index 6

Gala Isidora Ranđić

A licensed psychologist, master of human resources management with ten years of experience working with people, certified PCM trainer, and integrative psychotherapist.

Her psychotherapy practice is based on the principles of the integrative model, with a particular emphasis on nurturing respect, kindness, and equality in the client relationship, while affirming integrity and humanity.

She supports a relational developmental approach to psychotherapy, integrating key elements of humanistic psychology, object relations theory, self-psychology, intersubjectivity theory, body and systemic psychotherapy.

Gala guides her clients toward progress, development, and harmony in both their personal and professional aspects. She assists them in exploring essential issues for them, changing harmful patterns, and acquiring the skills necessary to realize their potential and achieve the most harmonious version of themselves.

Vanja Kosanjić

Vanja Kosanjić gained her initial work experience as a physiotherapist, working as a sports physiotherapist for a handball club.

Meanwhile, he pursued education in the fields of reflexology, Ayurvedic treatments, and Shiatsu massage. His first experience in aromatherapy dates back to 2009 when he attended training in French aromacosmetics by Thalgo and Decleor. He continued his education in natural cosmetics formulation in Zagreb.

After a long period in the field of physiotherapy, his original profession, Vanja graduated in herbal medicine and launched a line of natural cosmetics. He applies his knowledge in this field in his massage salon in Mostar.

2014. In 2014, he moved to Belgrade where he started leading two lines of natural cosmetics in Serbia.

He works as an expert consultant in SPA centers in Serbia and Croatia.


Una Živanović

Marketing and Communications Manager with a passion for art and design. After graduating from the faculty of art and design, majoring in industrial design (applied artist), Una directed her creativity towards the field of marketing and communications.

With an impressive experience as an organizer of over 100 music videos, Una has demonstrated her ability to effectively organize and manage complex projects.

She also gained valuable experience as an organizer in television, where she developed skills that led to the position of executive producer.

Her key skills include excellent communication and exceptional organizational skills. Una is a dedicated professional who brings her unique artistic approach to every task in the field of marketing and communications.

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