Corporate Wellbeing Programs

The health and satisfaction of employees define a company’s success, and today’s leading modern organizations recognize the importance of corporate culture for business performance and the development of a culture of health, aiming to optimize the health and satisfaction of employees.

How can we collaborate?

Workplace Wellness

One-on-one sessions

Whole Person Care program

Creating menu plans for restaurants

Workshops and webinars

Video sessions

Wellbeing assessment to evaluate employee performance

Corporate retreat programs

Corporate team-building programs

MajaMayo programs making employees happier and more fulfilled both in the workplace and outside of it.


Corporate Wellness Program For Life


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• Employee performance assessment

• Wellbeing assessment report

• Comprehensive employee analysis through one-on-one sessions

• Conclusion and priority definition

• Creation of personalized PFL (Personalized Fitness Plan)

• Program results

Thematic Webinars


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On a monthly basis, we collaboratively define and organize thematic webinar workshops (online or live) on various topics, taking into consideration various health and lifestyle challenges your employees encounter.

Proposed topics:

1. Healthy Eating from 9 to 5

2. Brain Food, Energy, and Focus

3. Work vs. Private Life

4. Mom and Successful Businesswoman? Yes, It’s Possible

5. If You Love Me, You Will Do What I Want

6. Friendship with Oneself

7. Your Success Is My Failure

8. Emotions

9. The NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)

10. Optimal sleep for wellness po modelu Mayo Clinic Center for Sleep Medicine

Invest in Your Team’s Health and Well-being!

Use our tailored workshop services to support the health and well-being of your corporate team. Our well-being experts are here to create unique programs for your employees, whether it’s sessions at your company or in our facilities. Here’s how we can enhance your team’s productivity, motivation, and satisfaction together:

Personalized Workshops: We develop workshops that precisely meet the needs of your team. Whether it’s stress management, physical health, or techniques to improve productivity, we work on solutions tailored to you.

Flexibility: Workshops can be organized at your workplace or in our space, according to your preferences. We are here to adapt to your needs and constraints.

Expert Team: Our team of experts has extensive experience in corporate health and well-being. Our lecturers will guide you through workshops with expertise and empathy.

Enhance the Work Environment: Through our workshops, your team will learn how to reduce stress, increase productivity, and better cope with challenges. Happier and healthier employees contribute to a better work atmosphere and company success.
Invest in the health and well-being of your team through our tailored workshops. Contact us to learn more about how we can improve the work environment and achieve better results together. Your employees deserve care for their health!


How can we collaborate?

Health and employee satisfaction define a company’s success, and today’s leading modern organizations recognize the importance of corporate culture for business performance and building a culture of health, aiming to optimize employee health and satisfaction.

Workplace Wellness
One-on-One Sessions
Personalized Wellness Program for Life
Menu Menu Creation for Restaurants
Workshops and Webinars
Video Sessions
Wellbeing Assessment for Employee Performance Evaluation
Corporate Retreat Programs
Corporate Team Building Programs

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