The Healthy Benefits of Awe


Sep 12, 2023

According to recent research, experiencing awe can have significant benefits for physical and mental health.

Watching a sunset. Seeing a loved one achieve a goal they’ve been pursuing for years. Walking your child down the aisle at their wedding.

These experiences have something in common: they evoke a sense of awe. Feelings of warmth and positivity flood the mind in a way that doesn’t happen when you’re doing things like laundry or grocery shopping.

And now, science is discovering that the benefits of awe may go beyond feelings of warmth and wonder. In fact, according to recent research, the feeling of awe can have significant benefits for physical and mental health.

Doctors still don’t fully understand the reasons behind these benefits, but studies show a positive effect in people who regularly experience wonder or awe.

This includes:

Reduced inflammation

Lower stress levels

Improved heart function

Improved diastolic blood pressure

Experts at the Mayo Clinic say you should keep in mind that you have great experiences.

Spending time in nature is the most common way people experience this sense of awe. But it’s not the only way.

Relationships with other people can produce feelings of awe. The experience of art or any form of personal expression can also elicit it.

One piece of advice? Enjoy experiences that evoke awe, like picnicking by the river or hiking at sunrise, with your devices turned off.

However, rely on technology for things like connecting with loved ones online and viewing art virtually.

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